About Us

Introduction to CHINATEXTILES
Chinatextiles Ltd was founded in December 1999 as a trading corporation that specialises  in the R&D, design and sales of upper-mid range fabrics. We strive to offer customised fabric sourcing solutions to our clients, many of whom are internationally acclaimed fashion brands. Our main fabric range covers traditional business casual, outdoor casual, eco-friendly casual and other types of upper-mid range ones .
We have close working relationship with two renowned fabric producer in Spain and Italy. By utilising the latest technical expertise and market knowledge from Europe, coupled with our efforts in new products, we have been able to develop and manufacture the latest European-style fabrics in China. Our competitiveness and reputation are growing by offering high-quality and cost-competitive products. At the same time , we  earn great  recognitions from our valued customers. The post-2007-financial-crisis restructuring of the textile industry has brought us the unprecedented opportunity to fulfil our strategic development goals. All the while, we have been rapidly amassing growing market share and establishing relationships with high-calibre customers, effectively pushing ourselves into the group of top fabric suppliers in China
Our corporate mission is " partnering globally renowned apparel brands to better our lives". Our corporate visions are " to be the supplier of choice for globally renowned apparel brands; their trust-worthy partner; and industry-leader in value-adding". We strive to "offer cost-effectivefabrics sourcing solution; provide favourable customer service experience; persistently seek to expand our market share; and provide excellent product and service to our customers". A vast amount of corporate resources are being dedicated into the development of our own "Textile Trading ERP", enabling us to intelligently and effectively manage every aspect of R&D, production, sales and after-service, whilst playing a pivotal role in enhancing our work productivity and management efficiency. We annually attend major international textile trade fairs in Europe and North America, offering us greater scope to establish close working partnerships with our renowned current and future clients. In the  next 3 to 5 years , we aim to make the "CHINATEXTILES" trademark  synonymous with China's most excellent fabric and fabric supplier. At the same time, we seek to re-invent ourselves to be a chain company with high-tech and high-value-adding fabric supply all over the world , and generate even more value for our clients, employees, and shareholders.
· Partnering leading apparel brands to enliven fashion
· To be the fabric supplier of choice for leading apparel brands
· To be a trustworthy partner
· To be the industry-leader in value-adding
CHINATEXTILES' core values
· Integrity; Innovation; Excellence; Value 
CHINATEXTILES' brand promises
· Strive to offer cost-effective fabric R&D and sourcing solutions
· Provide favourable customer service experience
· Inspire our staff members to rise beyond their limits and persevere for excellence
CHINATEXTILES' strategic and operational
· Persistently seek to expand our market share
· Develop leaderships from the process of learning
· Offer excellent product and customised-service